repair_1While hardwood floors are typically a very reliable, durable flooring choice, the need for hardwood floor repair sometimes occurs. If your wood flooring has reached an advanced age, has been under heavy use, or was improperly installed, chances are you may need serious floor repair. At Complete Hardwood Floors our floor repair experts are able to perform a wide variety of floor restoration tasks, including:

  • Hardwood floor scratch repair
  • Hardwood floor finish repair
  • Water damage repair
  • And more

A hardwood floor in need of repairs means more than just a dulled aesthetic appearance. Floors that are not in the best shape could be potentially dangerous, causing slivers, falls and scrapes. With the presence of gaps and gouges in the floorboards your hardwood floors might even be collecting allergens and other harmful impurities. If your business requires expert hardwood floor finish repair or scratch repair, there is no need to be embarrassed-it could happen to anyone. Don’t wait to repair hardwood floor scratches, gaps , cracks, or other defects. Quick, professional attention from Complete Hardwood Floors can keep wood floor problems from worsening, saving you time and stress. Some different issues we often see with hardwood floors include:


  • Scratches- The approach to hardwood floor repair differs depending on the severity of the scratch. More serious scratches can usually be sanded down, while minor scratches can be touched up to blend in with the surrounding stain. We can handle deep centralized gouges, nicks and scratches as well as light scratches that cover a wide surface area. After we repair hardwood floor scratches by touching up or buffing, experts at Complete Hardwood Floors can also repair top coats and re-stain floors.
  • Split or cracked planks- Using specialized, angled floor nails, we can rejoin the splits in your hardwood planks and use wood putty to mend the scar. Depending on the nature of the damage, sanding the surface and applying a new finish coat may also be a good idea to minimize evidence of the cracked plank.
  • Gaping or cupping- Gaping (the presence of gaps between wood planks) and cupping (when the middle of your floorboards sink while the edges curl up) can be caused due to moisture problems and may require professional water damage repair. This may involve restoring the appropriate moisture level in the wood, as well as tightening, sanding and re-staining the floor.

We can also perform hardwood floor repairs on floors that are buckling or loosening. No matter what the trouble is with your hardwood floor, our experts will find the source and correct the problem. With years of experience in this industry we have seen everything and know how to work accurately and efficiently without sacrificing craftsmanship. If you need wood flooring repair in Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Kent , or Tacoma, Call Complete Hardwood Floors today!

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