refinishing_1After years of use, your beautiful hardwood floors may start to look their age. If your wood flooring is scratched, marred, or dull, call us today. We’ll bring back your floor’s gleam and shine with complete wood floor refinishing. With our vast experience resurfacing hardwood floors in Washington, we have the expertise, knowledge, and hands-on-skill to get your hardwood floors looking their best again–and fast. When it’s time for you to enjoy quality wood flooring refinishing service, CHF a call or send us an email! We are ready to help.



Hardwood Floor Sanding

dust-containmentAt Complete Hardwood Floors, we will start resurfacing hardwood flooring by stripping off the old finish. Our hardwood floor refinishing specialists use a combination of belt sanders and small hand sanders to ensure that we’re able to cover every inch of your room, including hard to reach nooks and crannies. This step not only removes old finish and stain, but also enables us to smooth out any dings, scratches, and nicks for completely fresh-looking hardwood floors. All of our sanding equipment utilizes built in or external vacuum systems to control dust created. In doing so, our our floor refinishing experts ensure a nonexistent cleanup for you, but we also make certain that trapped dirt and dust don’t impede the next step of the wood floor refinishing process: the application of stain and sealant. professional hardwood floor refinishing also removes the risk of over-sanding which could irreparable damage to your property.

Hardwood Floor Staining

stainingAfter sanding your floors down to a smooth, even surface, our wood flooring refinishing specialists will use only the best quality stains and finishes to seal your wood floor, bringing out it’s natural luster and beauty. You can choose from a huge variety of stains to enhance the wood grain of your floor, coordinate with your decor and so much more. The Complete Hardwood Floors team will stain your floorboards and then apply the protective finish of your choosing to help your wood flooring look gorgeous for years to come. When were through, your refinished floors will look like new!

The same finish coat that makes your wood flooring shiny and beautiful is also the layer that helps protect your wood floors from pet scratches, furniture and other potential threats. If your wood floors need refinishing, don’t put it off. To safeguard your hardwood from additional damage, contact Complete hardwood Floors for professional hardwood floor refinishing today.

We here at Complete Hardwood Floors are fully qualified and trained in safe, wood floor refinishing techniques, and we have what it takes to ensure your wood floors are resurfaced in a safe complete manner. When we’re done sanding staining and finishing your wood floors, your hardwood will be returned to it’s former glory, lighting up your space with it’s warmth, sophistication, and beauty. Our flooring company is proud to offer free estimates and advice, call us anytime!

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